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Experience a new era of effortless infrastructure management with KANFIG- A simple, user-friendly web based portal that empowers you to effortlessly create, customize, and duplicate production-ready environments with ease. Say goodbye to manual installations and lengthy setup processes. KANFIG streamlines your infrastructure management, reducing human errors and saving you valuable time. In short, with KANFIG, you’re in control – even if you’re not a tech wizard. Whether you operate in multi-cloud environments or manage complex multi-tenant setups, our revolutionary application simplifies the process like never before. Unlock the power of streamlined infrastructure managementl with Kanfig.


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Kanfig - Empowering Your Infrastructure Journey

Unlimited Customization

Tailor your KANFIG experience with endless possibilities. Customize features, settings, and workflows to match your unique needs and preferences.

Multi-Cloud Support

Whether you're on AWS, GCP, Azure, or even managing on-premises environments, KANFIG has the flexibility to support your needs across various cloud platforms.


Streamline tasks and boost productivity with automated processes. Let technology handle repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and the risk of errors.

Hassle-free Infra management

Set up a powerful infrastructure by creating prod-ready environments, regardless of technical expertise. Recreate your production environment swiftly, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Time and Cost effective

Get more done in less time while saving money. Kanfig maximizes efficiency, minimizing the resources required for your projects.

Custom Integrations

Connect your preferred tools and systems effortlessly. Our solution offers flexibility to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows and software, enhancing compatibility and functionality.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting!

Free up valuable time and resources, enabling you to focus on what matters most: your core business objectives.

Discover the platform

Build, Clone, & Deploy

  • KANFIG introduces a new era of effortless infrastructure management. 
  • With just a few clicks, you can build, clone, and deploy production-ready environments, all while reducing the risk of costly errors. 
  • The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those without deep technical expertise can wield its power effectively.

Simultaneous Automation Execution

  • Kanfig enables the execution of automation tasks across multiple machines in parallel, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • Run important security patches on hundreds of machines at a time.
  • It offers the capability to run automations on numerous machines in parallel concurrently.
  • This simultaneous processing capability helps in accomplishing more within shorter timeframes, ultimately amplifying productivity and project throughput.


Embrace the future of infrastructure management

Simplify your processes, and unlock new levels of productivity with KANFIG. Your journey to streamlined operations starts here.

Security you can Trust

Kanfig is powered by Neutrino, an ISO 27001 certified, and HIPPA Compliant organization that offers you enterprise-grade security. With Kanfig, we ensure that your data is protected and impenetrable to unauthorized access.

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